The World’s #1 Crypto Certificate

Birthdays, graduations, baby showers and more crypto certificates are the perfect gift for providing future growth potential and a memorable gift that literally pays

Problems With Saving Securities & Traditional Gifts

Saving Securities

Low Yield: 9.62% return on US Savings Bond. (1)

Purchase Limits: Maximum cap of $10,000 for EE* or I Bonds**. (2)

Cashing Restrictions & Penalties over early retirement. (2)

Gift Cards

Easy to lose with no recovery (3)

Time constraint with expiry dates (3)

Physical Gifts

Value Depletion over time

Limited or No Intrinsic Value

Can Crypto Saving Certificates Be An Alternative?

Why Crypto Saving Certificates


Global market size in 2022 and expected to reach $32.4 trillion by 2027. (2) (CAGR of 58.4%)

Bitcoin holders by 2022. (3) (The Ascent)

Traceable. Crypto is backed by blockchain technology which makes it traceable

The Challenge – Crypto For Many Is Inaccessible, Complicated & Risky

Complex purchase process through exchanges & P2P transactions

Exchanges often get hacked reducing consumer trust

Hidden transaction fees on exchanges

Limited purchase & withdrawal options

Crypto Vault Combines Accessibility Of Saving Certificates With Returns Of Crypto

Saving Certificates & Gifts

  • Simple Purchase by using a credit/debit card
  • Blockchain backed security protocols with data encryption
  • Better capital appreciation of crypto in long-term.