Why Send a Crypto Vault Certificate?

  • Long term secure storage of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • Perfect Graduation and Wedding gifts
  • Great gift for baby showers and gender reveals
  • Donations to your favorite charity
  • Start creating generational wealth
  • Included within our patented process is our “Time Lock Feature” which allows the sender to set a predetermined date upon which the Crypto Vault Certificate will be redeemable.

A simple $100 Bitcoin Certificate purchased 10 years ago would be worth over $400,000 today.


Why Buy the Crypto Vault CVT Token?

  • With every certificate funded we buy and burn CVT tokens

  • CVT tokens are in limited supply

  • Purchases in the crypto vault gallery, require CVT tokens

  • Receive more CVT Tokens daily for holding our token

  • The supply of tokens is shrinking daily

    BNB Contract Address: 0xF72B0F79dC66f270FE52C67e56e12872F86cae2d

Give and Share Crypto

A Crypto Vault family notified us that our certificates had given her the retirement plan she always wanted. She has now has created certificates that will open at different times over the next 5 years. Using our Crypto Vault certificates she has created a college fund certificate for her son. She has 9 years before he is slated to graduate. High School. She believes Bitcoin will be over 100K by then. Her $1000 now could be a tremendous help toward his educational future in 9 years. Best of all, she loves that she has money waiting for her at key milestones of her life.

* names and occupation have been changed to protect the anonymity/privacy of the individual

Crypto Vault: Offering an Unmatched Crypto Future

With the democratization of investing we’ve all been able to realize successes, we hadn’t before. The problem is, how do we share this with those we love? Crypto Vault makes sending digital assets possible with our platform that harnesses the power of decentralized apps.

Our mission is simple and straightforward for you to give and share crypto with anyone. Users will be able to store and send their digital assets via our crypto certificates and decentralized apps with time-locking functionality.

Our vision is to make these services accessible to anyone. So, even if you’re unfamiliar with blockchain technology, our products are created so that you can find them easy to use and recommend.


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