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Registered in Europe

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Why Cabital is the smart way to earn on crypto

Buy and sell crypto at leading exchange rates

We offer bank transfers via both SEPA, SWIFT and Faster Payments, making Cabital a one-stop solution to easily buy and sell crypto at leading rates without additional fees.

Earn easily and safely on your crypto assets

Start with any amount of cash and watch your savings grow with stable interest rates. No platform fees, and no staking or locking up your assets for prolonged periods of time

Forget about market volatility risks

At Cabital, we don’t issue platform tokens, so you can get the best interest rates without shouldering the additional risk and hidden fees

Why customers trust Cabital


Cabital carries out its activities in accordance with Lithuanian regulations on AML/CTF, and is subject to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

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Registered in Europe

We’re registered in the Republic of Lithuania as a cryptocurrency exchange operator and a cryptocurrency depository wallet operator.

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Experienced team

Our leadership team has extensive experience working in leading institutions, including AIA Group, Binance, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Tencent, UBS.

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Earn passive income safely and securely with Cabital

We’ve selected some of the most popular cryptocurrencies to help you build a high-yield investment portfolio.

Earn up to 2.25% APY on BTC

Bitcoin is the first and the top cryptocurrency with the highest price and market capitalization.

Earn up to 2.25% APY on ETH

Ether (ETH) is second only to BTC in terms of market capitalization.

Earn up to 4% APY on USDT

Tether is the largest stablecoin avoid the volitility associated with the crypto market

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