Send A Crypto Certificate This Holiday Season!

Easily send a crypto certificate as a gift or present. The Crypto Vault offers the world’s first patent-pending Crypto Certificates, NFT Certificates, and Metaverse Certificates. Just like giving savings bonds were once the standard, Crypto Vault Certificates will be the norm in a few years.

How Does It Work?

  1. Select your certificate template.
  2. Choose Your Amount
  3. Fill out the recipients information
  4. Set a redemption date for your certificate!

It’s that easy! 

Did you know that if you purchased $100 worth of bitcoin 10 years ago you’d have more than $300,000 worth today! Build a brighter future for your friends, family, and loved ones with Crypto Vault’s Crypto Storage Certificates!

CRYPTO currencies supported


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Crypto Certificates

Crypto Vault Certificates are available globally in digital form. Physical and Framed certificates are available currently in the United States

There is a Crypto Certificate for any occasion

Give a gift that will last for years to come

It's a New Baby

The Perfect Gift to welcome a new baby into our world

Give the newest member of our world a head-start on future savings.

Graduation Time

Excellent reward for academic success. While encouraging long-term saving and planning.

Birthday Gifts

On their special day, give a thoughtful gift they will truly cherish. Crypto Vault certificates are gifts that can change a loved one’s future.

What We Offer

Safe and secure Crypto and Flat transactions, along with our patented crypto vault certificates

Vault Security and safety

Crypto Vault’s patent pending multi-layered encryption security technology works in unison with the largest, most trusted digital asset security providers in the world. This combination of resources enables us to provide maximum protection over all digital assets I our care and custody. Our Vault security team is experienced, dedicated and well equipped to protect your digital currencies and assets from fraud and other digital treats. 

CVT Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors go above and beyond and hold a unique place within our ecosystem.  Ambassadors are the dedicated team that shares the benefits of purchasing and owning a  Crypto Vault certificate with their loved ones and others. They receive a percentage of the certificate cost per every certificate sold. It is our way of saying thank you for helping to share our certificates with the world. This extremely powerful way of distribution also allows our ambassadors the opportunity to receive commissions at multiple levels. 

My Crypto Vault for Business

In addition to the many specialized Crypto currency certificates already offered in the Crypto Vault, Bundle and Starter packages will also be available. Special products designed to help large businesses , schools and Institutions will also be featured. A wide variety of personalization features ranging from company logo’s embedded within the certificate to white-labeled institutional services are all within the scope of V2.

Protecting you from Fraud

Hard at work inside the Crypto Vault’s Fraud prevention department are several well known partner companies that have unique specialities in this arena. Our Fraud detection department is well equipped to handle our credit card, apple pay and ACH banking transactions. Using overlapping resources ranging from our Time-lock technology  to Fireblocks and AWS , we are at the cutting edge of what the world has to offer.


As the world’s #1 Crypto Certificate provider, we are ever striving to push the limits of Web3. In accordance with our mission to add reliable and secure offerings to the digital realm we will continue to be the safe passage Bridge into crypto for the 94% of the world still waiting for an easy, secure and convenient entry point.

Securing Tomorrows assets,Today

Diversification is the key strategy most hedge fund managers adhere to when thinking long term. Our Crypto Vault certificates allow us to push funds into the future with our patent pending time-lock technology. Crypto currencies that are just forming now , may become the industry standard tomorrow. Certificates enable you to safely own a piece of the future, Today.